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Saving Energy by Managing Irrigation

By Kate Galbraith

Idaho has lately made a strong showing in energy efficiency: the state was rated “most improved” in a recent energy-efficiency survey, and also topped a Pew survey last month for fastest green job growth.

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M2M Communications & Rocky Mountain Power win 2009 Value Chain Gold Award from M2M Magazine

Chicago, IL – (June 16, 2009) – M2M Communications, a leading supplier of web-to-wireless monitoring and control solutions, has received the prestigious M2M Magazine Value Chain Gold Award ( for its ongoing project with Rocky Mountain Power. The M2M industry has expanded from a niche technology to a far-reaching market with thousands of applications.

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M2M Communications Announces Agreement with Idaho Power for Irrigation Load Control Services

Boise, ID — April 07, 2009 — M2M Communications, a leading supplier of web-to-wireless monitoring and control solutions, signed a contract with Idaho Power to provide irrigation load control services utilizing M2M Communications’ Lodestar system technology. Idaho Power provides electricity for 487,000 residential, business and agricultural customers in a 24,000 square-mile service area in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon.

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Statewide Innovation Council Named, Top Focus is Tech-Transfer

State of Idaho Department of Commerce — A new Innovation Council is being convened to advise the Idaho Department of Commerce, other state agencies and universities on ways to sustain and build Idaho's innovation industry. The council furthers the work of the Science & Technology Advisory Council which disbanded nearly two years ago.

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Remote Sprinkler Management Made Simple

Monitoring and controlling pivot irrigation equipment without traveling to the field has never been easier or more convenient. The new Valley Tracker Mobile enables you to check the status of a sprinkler irrigation machine and control its operations anywhere you have cell phone coverage just by pressing the phone's touch screen. All you need are a Web-enabled smartphone or smart PDA, a Windows mobile browser and access to the Internet.

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Idaho's Agriculture and Technology Industries Could Help Lead Us Out of the Downturn

THE IDAHO STATESMAN — TOO OFTEN, IDAHOANS HEAR about the differences between rural and urban Idaho. These differences are regularly couched as the state's old economy versus its new economy, and specifically as agriculture vs. technology. In a time of declining state revenues and a tough federal economic situation, it is more important than ever for Idahoans to focus on our similarities and on how we can work together to weather the current economic crisis.

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Small Companies Are Where It's At

BOISE, ID — October 16, 2008 — It's the latest in a series of high tech layoffs - 1,500 Micron employees will get pink slips over the next several months.

But when employees are let go from businesses such as Micron and Hewlett Packard, can they still find success afterward?

"This is a general purpose remote monitoring and control," said Steve Hodges, president and founder of M2M Communications.

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Seventeen Idaho Companies Rank Among Nation’s Fastest-Growing 5,000

Idaho Business Review — Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inc. magazine’s new list of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States includes 17 Idaho companies. Yes, that’s 0.34 percent of the nation’s top companies, located right here in Idaho.

But we're not at the bottom of the list. Wyoming, Hawaii and Alaska each have just three companies in the top 5,000. And Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, the Dakotas and West Virginia all have fewer fastest-growing companies than Idaho.

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Web-to-wireless system helps manage peak power demand

Idaho Business Review — Monday, August 25, 2008

During southeast Idaho’s hot, dry summers, as much as one-third of the region’s base-load power demand comes from the massive irrigation pumps that keep its agricultural industry alive.

But sharing the grid are tens of thousands of air conditioners and fans, all of which get cranked up at the same time, often outstripping a utility’s ability to provide enough power.

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M2M Manages Irrigation, Pays Farmers, Saves Electricity

Boise, ID — M2M Communications Company of Boise designs and manufactures specialty communication equipment for the energy sector. M2M Communications devices give a utility the ability to shed large non-critical loads in high demand situations such as on hot summer days.

M2M Manages Irrigation, Pays Farmers, Saves Electricity